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About Us


The 21st century is a great time for consumers: they can browse a multitude of websites sitting at home, order a product with the click of a button, and save hours of their time by shopping in their armchair rather than making a trip to the store. For too long, car owners in Pakistan have been deprived of this comfort when it comes to shopping for car parts. CarPharma wants to
change that – and more!
CarPharma is Pakistan’s first online “car pharmacy” – we deliver your car’s medication (the spare parts it needs) to your front door. We provide both new and used spare parts at the cheapest rates, as well as imported car accessories. At your request, we can install the accessories at your home or office. In addition, in case of any accidents, CarPharma offers its customers legal assistance regarding insurance policies and an online system to help make
appointments with the best “car doctors” near you. Therefore, we are not just a service that sells spare parts, we are here to revolutionize how technology is used in the car-service industry, optimize the customer experience for Pakistani car owners, and coax Pakistan into the digital age.
Currently, there are around 4 million vehicles on the road in Pakistan! By 2020, this number is expected to increase to almost 5 million. Unfortunately, car parts are available for less than 3% of these vehicles. Hence, even after spending a whole day or even more at the mechanic’s shop, customers are not fully satisfied with the modifications made to their car! There are just not enough options to choose from.
In swoops CarPharma, ready to restore your car’s health, and give you back the vehicle you first fell in love with.

Our Mission

Car Pharma aims to facilitate its customer by providing every product and facility for their car in one place.


Car Part Inquiry (Used/New)

CarPharma strives to provide its customers with the best car parts at the best price with the best service! Customer inquiries will be processed within 3 to 24 hours. Pictures of multiple products, along with their specifications, conditions, and prices will be sent to customers via the website, e-mail, text message, phone call, or WhatsApp. Price quotations will be valid for three days (72 hours) since the time they are given. Finally, car parts specified in the response to the inquiry will be available on order only if they have not sold to another customer.

Placing an Order

Customers are advised to submit their order within three days of their inquiry. In case any of the products are unavailable, a new inquiry will be generated automatically and prospective customers will be notified when the desired product is available. Orders can be placed through the website, email, phone call, and WhatsApp only. In the case of imported products, a 50% non-refundable fee will be charged.

Acceptance of Order

Upon availability of the product the customer has ordered, CarPharma will notify the customer through e-mail and WhatsApp. Upon confirmation by the customer, he/she will be bound to these terms and conditions and the product will be dispatched. In the case of imported products, 50% advance payment would be charged prior to order confirmation.


Customers living within the delivery area will have their (non-imported) products delivered within 3 working days. In case of any issues or delays, customers will be informed. Customers living out of the delivery area can have their (non-imported) products delivered upon advance payment of delivery charges, within 10 business days. Delivery time of imported products will be notified upon confirmation of order.


For products in stock, CarPharma accepts payments as cash upon delivery of goods, online bank transfers, and Master and Visa cards. No hidden charges are applied.


All the products that CarPharma sells are subject to warranty. If any product is not as described, we encourage our customers to send them back within a period of 3 working days. We shall provide a full refund and bear the shipping cost, too.

Guaranteed Lowest Price

If you find a product that is listed at a lower price compared to CarPharma’s quotation, share the link and get the product at the same price.

Important Note

Products and prices displayed on the webpage are subject to change. However, the products and prices provided to you against your inquiry will remain the same as the picture provided to you in the response to your inquiry.

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